I am 🦋 Jenner, a doctor in your pocket, powered by artificial intelligence.




Jenner - General diagnosis demonstration
We published a test version (proof of concept)
on April 7 (world's health day)

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A doctor by your side,
any time,

Experience a healthcare revolution powered by AI and redefine the way you access medical services.

Say goodbye to long wait times and costly fees for basic healthcare needs.

Enjoy round-the-clock healthcare support through text, available 24/7/365.

At Jenner, we are leveraging AI to bring scalable, and accessible medical services to everyone, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Our organization is named after the inventor of the first vaccine, Edward Jenner.

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Jenner's Accuracy
Total accuracy over 11 tests: 81.81%
Current accuracy on easy to diagnose illnesses: 100%
Current diagnosis accuracy on medium difficulty symptoms: 100%
Accuracy on "easy to diagnose" illnesses: 7/7 (100%)
Accuracy on "medium difficulty" illnesses: 2/2 (100%)
Accuracy on "hard to diagnose" illnesses: 0/2 (0%)

Disclaimer: The classification was done by a medical doctor that used Jenner.AI at an informal setting (a hackathon). We need a lot more testing before being ready for mainstream use or "autopilot for medicine". This tool is experimental and you should use it at your own risk.

As AI advances, we believe that AI-assisted and computer-assisted diagnostics could soon have higher accuracy than humans alone (We are calling it "super human accuracy").

Current human accuracy:
Human-made diagnostics is believed to be at a
95% accuracy and a 5% failure rate

From a research study:

Diagnostic errors can represent up to 10% of human deaths inside a hospital according to the National Academy of Science. The accuracy of human-made diagnosis for complex illnesses is at 80% accuracy, and a 20% failure rate. Different research studies blame 6-17% of adverse events in hospitals to human diagnostic errors. [Source: National Academy of Science via Washington Post].

In a test environment, Jenner was able to successfully diagnose and give health recommendations to these conditions among others:
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attacks
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Testicular torsion
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Influenza (the flu)
  • Computer related eye strain

Jenner AI - Roadmap to a doctor in your pocket

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What is cooler than a MILLION dollars?
A billion dollars?
Nope – It's $time


We are a DAO focused on increasing healthy human lifespans.

We want to have what money can't buy. Longer healthspans and more time.

We want to be 1000 years old and still look young or any age we want to look like.

We believe that our vision can be achieved through technological means.

We will work on this until it is achieved.

We are happy if this is the last thing we work on.

You are free to join us, collaborate, compete or build on top, because if anyone succeeds at this, we all win, as a species.

We like how Bitcoin inspired Ethereum, and how both inspired and reinvented entire industries: Fintech, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, governance, art, and even how human organizations are made.

We want Jenner to do the same to health by using the latest technologies available.

Our current focus is on using AI to transform healthcare. We are naming our DAO after Edward Jenner, the inventor of the first vaccine, a true original inventor and world changer. Just like Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin, our two other inspirations.

2008's financial crisis created Bitcoin as an alternative financial system
2020's health crisis created Jenner as an alternative healthcare system

We liked how in the early days of Bitcoin, it was about big and bold ideas.
We are bringing those times back.

Welcome to DeSci - Decentralized Science

📍 Location
Based anywhere that has internet

🏉 Team
Currently being built by Nixtoshi (nixtoshi.com)
and other collaborators.

We are actively looking to add new collaborators,
tell us about you at: collab(at)jenner.ai

• • •

How we are funding it
The INO or Initial
NFT Offering

Terms of the INO
  • We are funding Jenner with art as NFTs, NFT holders will then receive a free governance token airdrop. As a participant you get the best of both worlds, a legendary and memorable NFT, and governance tokens for our DAO's decision making. This is similar to the BAYC model (NFT + later coin drop).
  • Addresses will receive the NFT on the chain they used (ETH or SOL), some of these NFTs at random will have a holographic trait, so they can be displayed on holographic displays like the Looking Glass Portrait.
  • Addresses will receive the NFT on the chain they used (ETH or SOL), some of these NFTs at random will have a holographic trait, so they can be displayed on holographic displays such as the Looking Glass Portrait.
  • Sale is starting today on February 7th, 2023.
  • The sale will end on May 27, 2023, one week after the Bitcoin conference in Miami ends, or earlier if 320 ETH or 29,000 SOL are raised.
  • Valuation cap: We are capping our sale to a raise of 320 ETH or the equivalent in SOL, for a post-money valuation of 3200 ETH for the collection (10%). The rest of the NFTs and $time tokens will be held by the Jenner DAO.
  • All NFTs will be unique by having a unique combinations of traits, or being unique AI+HUMAN art pieces.
  • The price of each NFT is fixed in $ETH or $SOL.
  • The initial price of each NFT is 0.32 ETH or 2.9 SOL.

🔗 Official addresses to buy Jenner's NFTs:
🔑 Governance token:
  • Jenner AI's will be controlled by $time controllers, $time will be periodically airdropped to the NFT holders over a 2 year period at monthly intervals.

⚠️ Caution:
In order to get the NFT + $time airdrop, you must send $ETH or $SOL from an address you control, not from an exchange.

We recommend using hardware wallets combined with Metamask with multi-sig for ETH-based assets, and the Phantom wallet for Solana assets.

👾 OGs:
The first 444 incoming transactions on either chain will get an additional Cypherpunk portrait airdropped to them.


Countdown to INO's end

/imagine scalable universal healthcare
accessible any time of the day 24/7

/imagine a place beyond aging